Monday, June 7, 2010

Apocalypse (now with bikers!)

In so many cases the apocalypse doesn't look much different from D&D. This was the case for the one shot I ran this weekend for a group of friends. They didn't have any bike mounted railguns like in the picture but they did have a crazy lot of fun. Since I know you're just here for the quotes and the motivational posters anyways, here's the quotes from the weekend game:

The Roster:
One stealthy mechanic biker (Cortland)
One stealthy ninja biker (Aeridus)
One tough girl in stilettos (Dragonmajik)
One tough guy with replaceable hands on a spring loaded tank bike (Mrs Cortland)
One medic with a taser on a bike (Nyke)
One greasy eats-anything biker (FadingAura)
One zen master biker (Telly)
One sparkly anime biker princess (MixedMyth)

LooneyDM: Does your biker gang have a name?
Cortland: Not in the face!
MixedMyth: No, that's our battle cry.
LooneyDM: Or you can be a nameless biker gang.
Dragonmajik: We'll be "Nameless Biker Gang" That should buy us at least one round of confusion.

Everyone: Chicken Stilletos!

Cortland: My character has an eye patch. His nickname is one eyed monster. He's sneaky.
LooneyDM: You're the sneaky one eyed monster!

Cortland: I'm looking for a back way.
LooneyDM: The sneaky one eyed monster is going for the back door.
FadingAura: Do you need help with that?

LooneyDM: Okay, your biker gang has a sparkly anime princess.
MixedMyth: She follows the one true doctrine of sailor moon.

Aeridus: I'll tilt over the windmill.
Cortland: So you're tilting windmills.

LooneyDM: He destroys your studded leather jacket. Do you have any other defenses?
Dragonmajik: I distract him by flashing my tits.

A few of my regulars from the saturday were at this game so the usual hijinks ensued.
Art from here
LooneyDM *bikes off*

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