Friday, February 17, 2012

Edition Wars (Again)

I have decided that I have some ground rules for this new edition and all things pertaining to it.
1) Be positive
2) It's okay for other people to like different styles of play
3) Getting mad about discussions on the internet is a waste of energy
4) Don't feed the trolls.
5) Stay Classy
 All in all I feel this is a good list.  Now I just need to force it on everyone else out there and the edition wars will be over!  Muwahaha!  (note to self, villain laugh needs work)
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  1. I refer you to my most recent blog post...

    You don't have to read it because it generally aims towards the same idea you have.

    All the editions have had their good points and here's looking forward to something special.

  2. the key to a great evil laugh is over emphasizing the "a" for example MuAhahahaha.... see far more..... no wait that looks dorky when typed.... aww well you get the point.

    In relation to the Edition wars, I agree with your attitude. personally I prefer 4e, and the players I am with agree to, however if someone suggested playing 3.5, I would give it another shot. with this new 5th edition that is coming out, I feel that it is too early and they should be focusing on more content for 4e still, however I can also hope that maybe this new version will fix some of the 4e issues.

    Either way, I will buy the book, read through it, play test it with my friends, and if we like it we will keep it..... otherwise it goes in the trash pile with the others.

    There is no need to go and rant for hours on the forums however about how one edition is better then another. just realize that each edition has its strengths and weaknesses and move on.

  3. I agree entirely about giving things a try. My group tried out 1st edition AD&D recently. I found out it wasn't for me but I gave it a try first.