Friday, February 3, 2012

RPGs (Wasted Time)

The culture I live in has an odd view of what constitutes "wasting time".  In a few cases it means "doing something I don't think you should be doing" or "doing something I wouldn't have any fun doing" but most of the time it means "doing something unproductive" for a given value of productive.  Usually not doing a chore, or paid work, or an activity that isn't socially proscribed as being for the betterment of yourself or others falls into the "unproductive" category.  And you know what?  I call bullshit on all of it.  Yes all of it.  I found out about this great John Lennon quote today for the first time and I agree.  If you're enjoying yourself and not hurting anyone, who are they to judge you or try to force you into a specific set of behaviors that you don't enjoy?  So don't be ashamed to play RPGs, or video games, or whatever it is you do for fun.  And don't be ashamed that you're having fun rather than doing something else that someone else thinks you should be doing.

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  1. Agreed with one caveat. I'd rather say "If you are enjoying yourself and not hurting anyone and meeting your obligations, whatever they are, who are they to judge you?"

    1. I would hope that caveat was an unspoken given. Of course in today's world you can never assume.