Friday, February 24, 2012


If Avatar is a RP game then Toph is the clear munchkin of the group.  In addition to everything mentioned her mastery of earth bending means she's functionally not blind at all.  Sure there are a few situations where it causes her problems but never in any dangerous encounters.  For those who haven't seen Avatar, the magic is all elemental control based.  Water benders control water, air benders control air, earth benders control earth, and fire benders control fire.  Fire benders have the one exception in that they create their element as well as control it.  Toph is a blind girl who has mastered earth bending well enough to be the top bender in her city, as seen by the bending fights she gets into.  Before the end of the Avatar series she invents metal bending, which is a big deal as earth benders can't affect metal.  Except her of course.  Total munchkin.  I'll see about doing the rest of the crew later on.

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