Friday, May 18, 2012

Class Stereotypes

We all know that rogues steal (even from their own party), paladins have sticks up their asses, and bards are uselessly goofy.  Or are they?  Wouldn't it be more interesting if they had non-stereo typical personalities? Wouldn't there be so much less friction in the party if the paladin and the rogue could get along?  What if they were both of the same faith?  Or for an even crazier twist, siblings?  Imagine this.  Two siblings of a noble house that has fallen from grace or into hard times.  One of them is adopted from the streets.  Which one is it?  Who knows.  Stereotypical it would be the rogue classed sibling, but what if it was the paladin classed sibling?  The blood born noble child goes through life developing social deftness and lightness of foot to deal with court situations while the adopted noble child cultivates a passion for protecting others after seeing the abuse of the poor and destitute on the streets.  Food for thought.

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  1. I actually prefer non-stereotypical character personalities/backgrounds. They're much more fun to play...and it makes everyone else do a double-take :)

  2. I definitely agree. While I don't mind other people playing the stereotypes I like to turn heads with characters that are at least a little different, if only for the wtf factor from the other players.