Wednesday, May 16, 2012

On the subject of healing

Being the healing class in RPGs, both computer and tabletop, can be a thankless endeavor.  Oddly enough I enjoy playing what has come to be known as the "leader" archetype in D&D style games.  That is not to say I enjoy playing the healbot.  I do find the healbot an interesting tactical game within MMOs when played real time, but not during a turn based game.  Turn based games also tend to not give you enough resources to maintain your comrades round to round.  What I find most enjoyable is the combined application of buffs and healing in combat situations.  The ability to humble brag is sweet too.  No one wants to listen if you're gabbing about your character's +[insert impressive number here] to hit, but they're much more open to hearing about the +[insert impressive number here] to hit that the buff you just gave them is giving them.  My own source of amusement and all.

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  1. Hear hear! A good leader is so much more than a healbot.

    I especially love the artificer's magic weapon. One of the best at-wills bar none.

    Rogues use daggers and shuriken. Barbarians use axes and swords. Warlords use Rogues and Barbarians.

  2. How did the old quote go? Oh yes.

    Fighter: “I can kill a guy in one turn.”
    Cleric: “I can kill a guy in half a turn.”
    Wizard: “I can kill a guy before my turn.”
    Bard: “I can get three idiots to kill guys for me.”