Saturday, May 5, 2012

Mixed Tier Parties

So I saw the Avengers today.  Short review:  Go see it.  On to the topic at hand.  Towards the end of 3.5 there arose a discussion that focused on the disparities between different classes.  Some classes get all the toys, others not so much.  This was distilled down into a terminology called the tier system.  Other times exemplified by the phrase "Linear Fighter, Quadratic Wizard".  Generally mixing the tiers is asking for trouble.  The classes in the higher tiers simply have too many more options than the lower ones.  Of course that brings us to the humor in today's poster.  The Avengers would seem to fit this paradigm.  Why do you need Captain America if you have Thor?  Why Hawkeye when you have Iron Man?  The best part about it is the movie answers these questions.  Especially the final battle scene.   Many action movies don't pace their battle scenes well

Art from GIS for "Avengers movie"

It's been a while, so quotes from my "A-team in eberron" style game:

Iannes: (( just focus on keeping your eyes on the air and hands at 10 and 2 ))

Iannes: Listen, you snivelling good for nothing caster, I didn't drag you out of the mage's academy for you to help me make a lot of money as a freelance mercenary for you to cry every time some poofy git shoots you with an arrow! NOW BUCK UP!
Iannes: (( That's inspiring....right? ))

Pitch: "More punning! It pleases the trickster gods and turns things in our favor!"

Markarian: the sewers? i just got my clothes cleaned
Rendar: Less worrying about clothes and more saving the girl.

Markarian: (( crap, sewer monster got him ))
Rendar: (( Or...sewer, crap monster got him. ))

LooneyGM: (( what sort of controller are you? ))
Markarian: (( the kind that mops up the mobs ))
Pitch: (( Munitions. He's a munitions controller. ))
LooneyDM out

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