Monday, October 8, 2012

Aggressive Negotiations

Last night we almost went into aggressive negotiations as our potentially new employer admitted he was behind the kidnapping we had to thwart previously.  He gave us a plausible reason but we're on our guard.

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Makani: (( Classic PC plan B, USE MORE FIRE! ))

Seldon"Smoke": traveling to find someone who can best the undefeated bear?
Bear: (( Go WWE on their asses ))
Seldon"Smoke": millions have tried and lost, do any of you think you have what it takes?
DM: (( shame folding chairs don't exist yet ))
Larrasa: (( improvise ^_^ ))
Bear: (( I am pretty sure with my strength check I could make one fold... just saying ))

Makani: This is the Unsoppable Bear, a wrestling champion
human male 12: (( .... unsoppable? He cannot be picked up by a bounty paper towel? ))
Larrasa: (( rolled a 1 on his typing check! ))

DM: (( The inn is peaceful, aside from Seldon's activities. ))

Larrasa: (( Seldon is in bed with the elf? ))

Larrasa: (( is that a rapier in your scabbard, or are you just happy to see the stablehand? ))

Captain Exposition: (( lol really? Who changed my name? ))

LooneyDM out

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