Wednesday, October 17, 2012


I used to think that excessive shoulderpads were strictly a Warhammer 40K motif.  Then I found this picture in the WotC art gallery archive.  It really speaks for itself.  But I'm going to speak about it anyways.  There's no way that he could use that sword while wearing those shoulderpads.  They'd definitely stop him from moving in a way that would allow the sword to be effective.  Though that may not be the point.  Still they're overdone for a fancy dress outfit as well.  The sword is lacking a scabbard as well.  His outfit is overall a total mess and he should feel bad about it.  Not as bad as he should feel about being a drow but that's another post entirely.

Art from WotC art gallery archive
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  1. Heck, Darth Vader's shoulder pad limited his movement and they weren't comically huge.