Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Campaign journals and Ten foot poles

Campaign journals and Ten foot poles

Aloha to you just joining us from the RPG Bloggers Network. I'd like to inform everyone that I won't be touching campaign journals with a ten foot pole. It's not that I'm not vain and conceited enough to wax eloquent about my own campaigns, it's simply that I'm so damn lazy that even a summary of my actions takes up too much time to commit to paper or typing. Thus I've come up with a compromise for those of you who are dying to hear of my ingenious and hilarious exploits. Instead of summarizing and transcripting every single even from my multiple games I will instead regal you with the best quotes from all of them. Each wednesday I'll give you a little taste of what my players are like and the sorts of people with whom I engage in RPing behavior. Also, several of the players are jazzed about their internet fame.

Without further adieu, quotes from the saturday game I run:
(For reference.
(System: 3.5 D&D
(Atargatis, Human female warblade, player is female)
(Clementine, Human female cleric, player is female)
(Corbinus, Kenku male rogue, player is male)
(Helena, Human female wizard, player is female)
(Klo, Human male warblade, player is female)
(Pete, Human male psion, player is male)
(Steely Dan, Feral Gnome male barbarian, player is female)

Corbinus: "Dread guards attack the flying skulls."
Steely Dan: they do not respond
Steely Dan: they only respond to "bitches" now

Klo: They're called biscuits Steely, dont you have them where you're from?
Steely Dan: Aye, tha's wha' Ah said. Bikkits.
Klo: ...
Steely Dan: ...
Klo: Can you say "bis"?
Steely Dan: Aye
Klo: And can you say "kits"?
Steely Dan: Aye

Atargatis: "But we've gotten the farthest diplomatically with the gnolls. Killing them would erase all our work."
Corbinus: A valid point. Let's kill lizardfolk. If nothing else we will have some fancy boots afterwards.

* Clementine whips out her wand of elation!
Helena: o_O
Steely Dan: bow chicka bow wow
Klo: clementine is elated at the sight of tentacles...

Steely Dan: ye summoned a tentacle beastie eh?
* Helena seems very embarrassed all of a sudden.
* Steely Dan wiggles his eyebrows
Helena: "No, it was my master's scroll, and I...kinda botched it...without his permission to use it in the first place."
Helena: "I need to get rid of the evidence!"
* Steely Dan grins and waggles his eyebrows EVEN MORE

* Helena watches as the flame jumps back into her staff.
* Corbinus thinks she probably needs all the fire to keep warm in that outfit.

Corbinus: I wonder if Helena's last name is handbasket.
Helena: it's Rosewright, but that's a nice pun anyway

Pete: Just because Dan's near water, he turns into a pirate.
Steely Dan: Steely is totally a pirate, he just prefers land-based pirating
Klo: but pirates is all about the sea!
Pete: And hates water.
Steely Dan: it's the whole B-A-T-H thing

* Clementine sees Corbinus isn't going to make the dreadguards go, and yells, "SEXY BITCH, ATTACK!"
LooneyDM: good thing you put that comma in there

Corbinus: I myself am a demon from the 302nd layer of the abyss.
LooneyDM as bugbear: "A little small to be a demon, aren't ye?

LooneyDM as bugbear: How will we find you if such time comes to pass?
Atargatis: Wherever the greatest source of trouble is... we'll already be in the middle of it, I'm sure.

Klo: crush his skull!
Clementine: no! we needs it!
Steely Dan: we need it for proooooof
Atargatis: No, we need that skull!
Klo: oh yea

Pete: I don't think Steely Dan would be into lockpicking, when he's got an axe handy.
Steely Dan: he'd just bash the door down with his head.

That's all for today folks
LooneyDM out

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