Monday, January 11, 2010

Rogues and other pointy nonsense

I had a rogue once. I traded him for a cleric and a sack of potatoes. I feel I got a good deal. But back to the subject of the poster, and a mighty fine subject she is. "I stab it with my dagger!" was my rogue's battle cry, search technique and all around default reaction to anything that happened in game. I suspect he's not the first or only rogue to have done this. It got so cliche that the bard started referring to me as "the porcupine of doom". He wasn't nearly as sexy as this human rogue in the motivational poster here since he was a half-orc with nearly negative charisma. As a result he only managed to fulfill half of the rogue's job. He excelled at the "stabbing things" part but the "looking good while doing it" part eluded him.
I'm know you've got them so let's here your stabbity stabbity rogue stories.

Original art before I posterized it STAB!
LooneyDM *stabs it with his dagger*

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