Sunday, January 24, 2010

Drunken Master Prestige Class

The Drunken Master is the most flavorful and fun prestige class in D&D, hands down. In addition to evoking images of Jackie Chan breaking bottles and chairs over people's heads you get the added bonus of being able to use squirrels as a lethal weapon (see image above for reference on proper squirrel wielding technique. Additional manuals may be required for the single handed squirrel technique and the popular raccoon style). All in all this is the creme de la creme of prestige classes. Any RPG that doesn't allow you to wield squirrels like this should hang its head in shame and go sit in the corner.

I have sadly never been in a game that has run long enough for me to qualify for this prestige class. I did have a half orc fighter who offered to throw the smaller members of the party over a wall they couldn't climb. He was "special". I do have a character who is contemplating using the party's halfing rogue as an improvised club. Said halfing rogue decided his best bet against the magmins we fought last session was to drop trou and pee on them. The DM ruled he got sneak attack on that as well.

Drop a comment if you've got an awesome or crazy story about improvised weapons, squirrels or otherwise.

I'd like to take a moment to greet everyone who was linked here from the RPG bloggers network. [ ] Okay, you moments over, back to listening to me ramble. I produce motivational posters of the RPG variety and wax sarcastic about RPGs in general twice a week on Monday and Friday. The other day of my entirely entertaining entertainment is Wednesday when I post my exploits from the games in which I run and play. Wednesday reads like an excerpt off Mr. Welch's list. If you don't know what that is, may whatever god(s) or goddess(es) have mercy on your soul.

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LooneyDM prays for the souls of all those not familiar with Mr. Welch's list.


  1. I'm a level 6 Monk/7 Drunken Master, and it is the most fun. One time we had to fight a boss in a huge room. So I ran all the way across the room to her, did 2 laps around her, tripped her, and broke a chair over her head. Then the rest of my party caught up and we all got to do an attack of opportunity on her since her turn was last. We killed the boss and she didn't get a single move. Also that night I drank 10 bottles of ale so I could have a strength of 30, and I beat a giant (as a human) in an arm wrestling competition. It was crazy.

    1. I played a dwarven monk/drunken master that carried a keg on my back with a 'bag of holding' to save space.