Wednesday, January 13, 2010

When fighting creatures that are on fire...

Last week my Thursday group fought some magmins. These are creatures that are on fire. It lead to several interesting exchanges between all characters present. Said exchanges are listed below for your amusement. I don't DM this particular game. I do happen to have a tortle swordsage named Druten whom has been affectionately dubbed the "grumpy ninja turtle". I didn't set out to make a ninja turtle when I started. He would be Leonardo if he's any of them, only grumpier. With

* waterelemental sloshes menacingly over to Magmin2
Kanoa: "My elemental is coming for you."
Loperdos: "Geez, all this sloshing and gurgling is making me have to pee..."

Thistle: "Pew Pew!!"
Thistle: d20+8 => 14 + 8 = 22
DM: "That's a hit."
Everyone: "Pew Pew!!"

Loperdos: "I do more damage with my pee than you do with any of your attacks!"

* Loperdos prods Druten as he concentrates...
Druten: "Quit it. You're distracting me."
* Loperdos prods Druten again

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