Friday, January 15, 2010

Nostalgia and your first gaming experience

Nostalgia. There's nothing like it. Especially when it's your first RPG experience ever. No matter the oddities of the system, everyone loves the system that introduced them to RPGs so long ago. Mine involved Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. TMNT is especially awesome as it's the only 80s show to get its own RPG. TMNT and other strangeness was my initiating RPG experience. I played a mutant wolverine who clawed things to death, when he wasn't shooting them with a pistol. I and several other mutant animals worked for the government taking out criminals and rogue mutants, WE FOUGHT CRIME!
I could wax eloquent about the awesome character creation system in TMNT for making your very own mutant animal in the spirit of the comic or the tv show but I'm sure you've got your own stories about the first system you ever played that you'd prefer to share. Not that I wouldn't share my own incredibly awesome fantastic stories with you, but my conscience tells me it's impolite not to let other people share. Excuse me while I bug bomb the house for crickets.
Today's poster created from a scan of the cover of TMNT and other strangeness which I finally went out and bought so many years after the fact.
LooneyDM is off to reread the book again.

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