Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Lazy wednesday quote post

What it says on the tin. Except I'm in a rush and not in a lazy mood so much as a "get this posted dammit I don't have that much time left before I'm supposed to be DMing and I haven't prepare so thank goodness for my incredibly spledific improvising skills".

Vimac: I finally took damage and it wasn't from the enemy!
(We have a friendly fire problem)

Looney (to the dragonborn bard): Do you want to nail the sahaugin preistess?
Vimac: That must be where water dragons come from.

Tirah: Which means we have a BG.
Everyone: Oh, oh, oh, oh, staying alive, staying alive!

Goldielocks: He grabbed your finger.
Attapacca: Pull my finger.
Tirah(as the sahaugin): I like you big strong dragon lady, I *like* you.

Vimac: Why did they shift, they should have stayed put.
Goldielocks: That's a bunch of shift.

Goldielocks: I accidentally let one release.
DM: Eww, second wind!
Goldielocks: I have a cloak that lets me second wind twice.

Looney: The Baron goes down and floats up.
(The joys of fighting underwater)

Goldielocks: 34 damage
DM: That's wimpy

Cecilia: Is this an enemy.
Looney: I assume so, it stabbed Vimac.
Vimac: Not necessarily an enemy, I have that effect on people.

DM: 6 damage. Suck em up cupcake.
Goldielocks: It's not the same as when Tirah says it.

Goldielocks: I use adaptable franker

Vimac: Are there any minors I want to do?

DM(As darkblade tiefling): Hey there baby.
Cecilia(makes faces)
Looney: No tiefling tail for you?
Cecilia: I don't want what he's got.

DM(drops a big rocky monster on the map)
Cecilia: It's Ben Grimm!

DM: This is against will.
Goldielocks: Will you defend?

Vimac: He's got a little headband.
Goldielocks: He's a demon from the 80s, he attacks with the power of funk.

Tirah: Are you done Cecilia?
Cecilia: I don't know, am I going to get punched more?

Cecilia: I tie her up, and not in the fun way.
Vimac: I juggle my axe around her. *makes dropping axe motion*
Cecilia: I put up a "No juggling axes" sign.

Cecilia: I paid 10K gold to crew the ship, I'm fucking sailing the ship there.

LooneyDM out

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  1. nice i want to hear more of these adventures.