Monday, March 8, 2010

Power Levels and optimization

Into any game some optimization must fall. Watch your back though, or you'll have to pump your dragons up to OVER 9000! to keep up with your players. And then you'll be forced to have them do Dragonball Z imitations like this poor dragon in the poster today. Optimization is one of those things that systems handle in a wide variety of ways. Some systems throw caution to the wind and expect the players to have a gentlemen's agreement to play at the same power level. Other systems lock the players into the power level the developers expect the game to be played at. Then there's the entire spectrum in between. I have to say I don't see the advantage of having such a spectrum. Balance is for weaklings who can't communicate their intentions and desires to the rest of the group. Besides, who doesn't want to play in a campaign that's OVER 9000!

LooneyDM *IS OVER 9000*

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