Monday, March 1, 2010

Water Elementals

Water elementals, aka death by drowning, aka the waves wash over you and you're dead. Drowning is such a wonderful way to die. It's poetic in its execution. As you die your face slowly turns the color of the element around you. And I can't keep that bull up any longer. Dying by drowning is mostly hilarious as all you do is go *glub blub glub* It's even more hilarious when it's a water elemental. You fall in a puddle and it attacks you! At least once you level up they're more lake sized. Death by a tiny water elemental would be so demeaning but I'm sure it's happened. I imagine dead low level adventurers waiting to get shuffled off to their after life having this conversation.
Hero 1: How did you die?
Hero 2: I got killed by a lucky shot from an orc barbarian. What about you?
Hero 1: I'd rather not say.
Hero 2: Come on! I told you, you need to tell me.
Hero 1: It's kinda embarrassing...
Hero 2: Tell me!
Hero 1: Alright! I got killed by a puddle!

Source is GIS search for Clark Little or waves
LooneyDM *surfs*

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