Friday, February 26, 2010

The Mythical female gamer

I am aware that there are female gamers out there would would absolutely love to roleplay a batman/robin love story in a supers game to the detriment of the other players(see poster above). My group which is comprised of several female gamers is definitely an exception to several rules out there, including the one that insists that female gamers don't like killing things and taking their stuff. I even managed to get ones that don't insist on having their characters engage in romance at every turn. Most of them prefer the hack and slash style of play that I run. At least they haven't expressed any interest in romantic encounters with the exception of the time that two of them attempted to tie each other up with several lengths of rope. That session was most interesting.
Let's hear your romantical anecdotes.
Image from GIS
LooneyDM flees the scene

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