Friday, February 12, 2010

Your Dice Personality

I give you the crazy dice. Blue with white markings is the best for bringing out the tribal and demonic shapes displayed in the artistically presented poster today. Your dice say a lot about you. These ones say the owner is both awesome and off the deep end. My kind of gamer! I barely hesitate to admit that I don't have any dice like this. We can all own every shade fantastic dice or our dice bags would double as makeshift bolas. Not that mine doesn't already.
Personally I enjoy dice of the color red. Goes well with my hot-blooded, arrogant personality. *snerk* My wife prefers more muted tones in the grays and purples. Not suprisingly our resident goth gamer has black and white dice, but also pink and purple ones. I'm no dice reader so I'll let you draw your own conclusions about her dice choices. Much like I'll let you determine what you think about my DM's Cthulhu dice or the bard player's pumpkin sized bag of dice.
What about you and your group? What sort of entertaining dice do you use?

Image is GIS for dice
LooneyDM *rolls the dice*

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