Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Keeping the game in the family

I may not have mentioned it but my wife runs a game for myself, my siblings, and all their significant others. I've quoted this game before but not mentioned this detail of keeping it in the family. Therefore I give you the amazingness that is my family. We have such a grand old time.

Druten Tortle Swordsage (My character)
Loperdos Halfling Rogue (played by my brother)
Kanoa Gnome Wizard (played by brother #2)
Thistle Halfling Warlock (played by brother #1's wife)
Rasia Human Druid (played by brother #2's SO)

Rasia: "You are on heal probation!"

Kanoa: "Since when do halflings eat fairy?"
Druten: "Since they can't catch anything else."
Druten: "Except rocks."

Druten: "You're not allowed to stab her. Even with the spork."

DM: The stairs loom below you...
Loperdos: ((Oooo loomage))
Druten: (( not to be mistake for the loo mage who has an entirely different function ))

* Abyssal Maw spittles and hisses at you
Loperdos: Hey Druid, you wanna try talking to them?
Loperdos: Or do you only talk to cute animals?

Thistle: I have low wisdom? Does that mean I'm stupid.
Druten: It means you lack common sense
Loperdos: But your charisma is high so you can seduce anyone
Thistle: So I'm a slut?

Druten: (( if you want things to attack me you should hit me with the enlarge wand I gave you ))
Loperdos: ((Loperdos has an enlarge his PANTS!!!))
DM: (( TMI TMI...tripod ))



  1. Hey! That's my joke about the wand in the pants!

    Oh wait that was a wand of elation wasn't it.

  2. It was in fact the wand of elation. That doesn't mean others can't have other wands in their pants.