Monday, February 8, 2010

Apocalypse Gaming

If the world ended tomorrow, could you still game? This is a silly meta question that has little to do with the poster today. Specifically this poster is a picture of an abandoned building in Detroit. It's amazing what time can do to a manufactured structure. If you're going to run an apocalypse game I entirely suggest the Abandoned Places blog for imagery that will rock your socks all the way to the lox. It will also give you great insight into what happens to buildings after people stop maintaining them and how to describe the decay to your players.
I've only once played an apocalypse game and it only lasted a few sessions before real life forced the GM to exit. I played a librarian. A rather stealthy, sneaky librarian, but a librarian none the less. Let's hear your awesome descriptions from you apocalypse games.

Picture from the Abandoned places blog linked above.
LooneyDM *Sifts through the remains of civilization*

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  1. Also have a look at: it is all abandoned manmade structures. Seems like the same idea.