Friday, February 5, 2010

Fire and Pyromaniacs (A motivational poster of course)

When people think of the classic D&D mage, wizard, or sorcerer, they think fireball (Sadly the poster'd mage looks more like he's about to cast burning hands. I am digging his snazzy goatee and red robes though). It's the iconic wizard spell for blaster mages followed closely by magic missile. Fire speaks to the soul, that deep down yearning and passion to destroy shit. It doesn't get more visceral than fire. Which is why you see so many fire themed prestige classes and people playing fire mages. It's pretty much its own cliche at this point.
This reminds me of a game I played in. I regret to inform all of you that I wasn't the one playing the fire mage. That game I played a rogue. A dashingly handsome halfling. That all aside our sorcerer/cleric of Kossuth( This just shows how iconic this really is. There's a god who's entire portfolio is devoted to burning shit to the ground) had a tendency to wax and wane if you will. My rogue dealt with the fire mages' moodiness by juggling flaming torches for him.
Let's hear about the pyromaniacs in your life, er game.

Art from GIS
LooneyDM bursts into flames.

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  1. Fire is a pretty big thing to those who want to get out of their shells and just... explode a little bit.
    There are others, like myself, who are naturally flammable which crave something to balance our emotions. My element of choice is cold for that matter, but it's easy to fall prey to the freeing rawness of fire.
    Specially if there is continual burning involved! Killing it in one go with a huge explosion isn't good enough, it has to BURN and the longer it burns the better.