Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Campaign journals of Monstrous Mayhem.

I run a very odd game on wednesday nights. Most anyone who hears these next words and knows what they mean will think I am entirely insane to try something like this (bwa ha ha ha): 3.5 D&D gestalt with savage species progression required for one side. For those of you who didn't catch that, it means that I have characters who are of the entirely monstrous variety and they have class levels as well. It's freaking awesome. I call it my monster game. So here comes the most bizarre race/class list you've ever seen.

Heikon: Karakasa Ghost Battledancer (Karakasa is a homebrew undead race)
Mallexantus: Kyton Swordsage
Moastuo: Barghest Psionic Warrior
Onotole: Tauric Thri-Keen Scorpion Folk Totemist
Soban: Were-Wolverine Champion
Soveliss: Pixie Warlock
Xochitl: Lillend Duskblade

(While fighting some bats)
Heikon: (( Let's spook up the next bet ))
Moastuo: (( we've got a betting pool going? ))

Heikon: (( 1d20+10 Pin! ))
* Heikon rolls: 1d20+10 => 6 + 10 = 16
Moastuo: (( why are you pinning a corpse? ))

LooneyDM: The bat magnetizes to the end of the chain as its last sparks fizzled out.
Onotole: "Hey, check it out. It's a bat-flail."

* Mallexantus almost doesn't sneer, but manages it.
Heikon: "Your face is gonna get stuck like that."

Xochitl: "...It's a bit small"
* Mallexantus lengthens it to 35 feet for a few moments.

Mallexantus: (( Mommy was a thri-kreen, daddy was a scorpionman? ))
Onotole: (( Mommy was a wizard, daddy was too much free time. ))

LooneyDM out

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