Wednesday, February 3, 2010

More Campaign Journals I said I wouldn't write

Another week. Another set of quotes that won't give you any idea what the campaign is about but will let you know exactly how much fun I have gaming. This week you get quotes from one of the games I don't DM. This game occurs on my lovely saturday mornings bimonthly and uses the 4th edition of D&D as a system.
Race and Class loadout by player

Attapacca: Female Dragonborn Bard
Cecilia: Female Tiefling Avenger
Quinn: Male Deva Cleric (my character)
Tellyatha'a: Male Aquatic Elf Rogue (Goldielocks, the mini he chose has long bright yellow hair)
Tirah: Female Deva Invoker
Vimac: Male Goliath Fighter

Attapacca: What about a half-orc, half-dwarf
DM: A dworc!

Attapacca: You've got Int (amusing referring to my character), I've got Cha, Vimac has Str, and Telleathay has flowing golden locks

Goldielocks: Can there be a biscuit?
DM: Roll for the biscuit.

Cecilia: You go to the Raven Queen when you die.
DM: The Raisin Queen?

Vimac: Who's a dumb demon? Who's a dumb demon?

Cecilia (to Goldielocks): I will slap you right across your stupid grin. I'll swear an oath of emnity.
Goldielocks: And you'll have to put a quarter in the jar.

Attapacca: That was drama with a 'z'. You know 'teh dramaz'.

Vimac (while fighting Sahuagin): They're cooking the sushi dammit!

Vimac: I'll splash gore all over Goldielocks.
Goldielocks: Noooo, It'll take me 3 hours to condition my locks!

DM: The sahuagin are like "boogie boogie boogie"

Tirah: He's real hurt, so if I do something wimpy like a daily...

DM: Then he...
Goldielocks: Poops!
Looney: He can't, that's a move action and he only has a minor left.
Tirah: Even if it's your bowels, it's still a movement.

Goldielocks: I use elven accuracy.
Vimac (goliath fighter): I should take that feat.

Goldielocks: I'm a MILF.
DM: Melf, not MILF.

Cecilia: I know you wanted to enchant Vimac's helmet to moo, can we enchant the coffers to cough?

Goldielocks: Vimac is carrying me in his harness like a little baby.

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  1. I have to say that I've been enjoying your site. But unfortunately I own the patent in the [AdjectiveDM] branding style.

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  2. Lawyers? LAWYERS? You think lawyers are going to stop mwa, the illustrious LooneyDM? Okay maybe. Watch where you're swinging those lawyers or Chatty DM might come after both of us.

  3. No. Chatty separates the words. I don't.
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  4. Consider it watched. (Also I enjoy reading your blog as well, but you didn't hear that from me)