Monday, March 15, 2010

The serious business of gaming

Everyone should take RPGs seriously. If you don't take them seriously then you're clearly not a true roleplayer like D&D kitten is here in the poster for today. I suggest indoctrinating your cat into D&D at an early age. Mourning the loss of the greats is an important ritual for every gamer. If you don't have a shrine to the master himself (Gary) you should give up any hope of every getting into the real magic. I know D&D kitten has a shrine to Gary, right next to the kitty shit box. You too should have a shrine to a D&D great next to your shit box. If you don't you should be ashamed of yourself and start working on one right now. Well get on it!

Source is lolcats
LooneyDM *goes to maintain his shrine*


  1. I know that my cats are interested in dice, so maybe there is hope for them to become rollplayer kittens?

  2. Absolutely. My cats like to bat around dice as well. I'm working on getting them a shrine.