Friday, May 28, 2010

Dragon Slayers

When you think of a dragon slayer you usually think of a knight in shining armor. Not a guy flying a propeller plane. My how the times have changed. Mr Sleepyhead Dragon woke up just in time for World War II and now he's pissed. Thankfully the air force (I'm not a military buff so I have no idea who these planes belong to) is here to stop him from causing too much trouble. Provided he doesn't chomp them into tiny metallic bits in short order. This is mere proof of the fact that dropping most any fantasy monster into a modern campaign shifts the genre from modern to monster movie rather than fantasy.
There are days I want to run a fantasy-modern mash up game. The players occupation would vary on the time period and who employed them. Special ops employed by the government to keep the "weirds" or "storybooks" in check or being the "storybooks" themselves trying to survive in a hostile world that doesn't want them around. Either way lots of fun to be had. Then I realize I've got two games running already and don't have time to run any more games. Nor could a run in lighter systems as the player pools available pretty much know D&D and only D&D with a smattering of exceptions. Back to the looney cave for more plotting!

LooneyDM *out*

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