Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Lazy quote post

Yes. Lazy.

Vimac: Bravery on his part means staying on the ship

DM: That's because you're a nice person and Vimac is the resident asshole

Goldielocks: I take pride in being bloodied at all times.
Tirah: We know.

DM: The soldiers charge.
Tirah (To DM who was getting up for more food): Can they open the curtains while they're up?
Cecilia: You're not allowed to talk while I'm eating.

Cecilia: It's easy to defeat goldielocks, just change his hair care routine.

Vimac: He got the short end of the gnome.

Looney: What did Tirah get for her wedding anniversary?
Cecilia: Damage
(The joys of being married to the DM. Tirah, that is)

DM: There is no dog.
Goldielocks: The dog is a lie.

Goldielocks: I never fall down twice in combat.
DM: Three times.
Looney: A lady.

Tirah: Red is #1 *rolls a 1*
Everyone: Yes it is.

Goldielocks (singing): I've got something in my pocket for you.
Vimac: It's a gnome. Want to see?

Goldielocks: Coup de gnaw

Tirah: Did he attack in third person?
DM: Yes

DM: There's a dinghy in the water.
Vimac: Tell goldielocks to get out of the water.

Cecilia: If anyone could fall overboard in their sleep it would be you (goldielocks)

DM: The zombie dodges.

Attapacca: Cookies are written in fire.

Attapacca: I got first kill, neener, neener, neener.

Tirah: You feel smarter for 1d10 minutes.
Goldielocks: Oh good I need that.

DM: The zombies are tending the garden.
Goldielocks: They have their little flower hats and everything.

Vimac: It's time for a little Vimac diplomacy.
Tirah: What's your diplomacy
Vimac: A +2 greataxe.

DM: What are you talking about you bald-headed stone man.

DM: You're not just here for treasure hunting?
Goldielocks: I'm sure the pirates will have lots of *arr* booty.

Goldielocks: Sweet, I got a 19 on sparkles.

Looney: I'm sure they'll think we're easy targets when they see us charging across the water on horseback.
Vimac: Ocean cowboy!
(phantom steed ritual ftw!)

Tirah: An arcane check of 40 lets the horses fly.
(And thus was born greyhawk's first aircraft carrier)

Attapacca (on the linked portal ritual): Stargate, greyhawk style.

Goldielocks: I'll break through the roof.
Attapacca: Not the flaming one.
DM: That would be cool, a flaming elf breaking through the ceiling.
Looney: He's already flaming.
Tirah: Flaming water elf.

Looney: Vimac is slowly turning into a romantic dinner.
Tirah: And nothing says romantic dinner like a pearl nose ring.

LooneyDM out

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