Thursday, September 16, 2010

Plane Shift (and quotes)

Plane shift is a lovely way to start a campaign. Or end one. Which reminds me. One of my saturday games shifted to ravenloft. There was much rejoicing. *muted yay*. The immediate upside is that our regular DM is hilarious as a player, especially when he bounces comments off either his wife or another player he's been playing D&D with forever. The other upside is our stand in DM likes us to play at higher levels so we're mid paragon (4e stuff) tier for this one shot into ravenloft. After that it's another plane shift to dark sun! Bring on the starvation, dehydration, and cannibalism!

DM: You have to use your imagination.
Goldielocks: But that's what you're here for.

Vimac: I'll go with victorious surge.
DM: To victory, and beyond!

M: Anyone want to commit suicide?
Goldielocks: I'm good at that.

DM: You cross a bridge over the river.
Vimac: The river Kwai?

DM: They introduce you to the talking chief.
Goldielocks: The talking sheep?

DM: Good conjuring trick.
Tirah: I am divine

Cecilia: I'm using this pencil because I can take out both Green Lanterns with it.

DM: A corroded bronze tube.
Vimac: Tuba

DM: It looks like the metal tube was used as a megaphone.
Cecilia: I announce 'all your base are belong to us'.

DM: One of the greyhawk deities has six shooters from the wild west.
Cecilia: He's rocking it Jonathan Hex style.
Vimac: Where do you think Jonathan Hex came from?

Looney: The wilden impales you.
Cecilia: You're not the DM of me.

Flora: Wilden always speak as we.
Tirah: Would your we like to join our we?

Flora: Flora will come back as her cousin
DM: Fauna

LooneyDM out

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