Friday, April 9, 2010


Warning! This post is so very NSFW and may require brain bleach. You have been warned. Click anyways if you dare. Mr Gallant Knight appears to be a hair surprised to find this situation occurring. He was just coming to rescue the princess and it turns out she doesn't need much rescuing. Half dragons, frequently popular fantasy race. However their creation is frequently glossed over in favor of "fade to black" moments. Not any more. After all who says that the dragon has to polymorph into a human for the lovings to occur. Though dragons ability to change into humanoids raises questions like, if a dragon changes into an elf and then mates with a human, what is their offspring? I mean besides fucked up.
I haven't actually had anyone want to play a half dragon in any games I've run, but I've played with people playing Dragonborn. Which is a whole kettle of worms on its own. I mean, Dragonborn. Gee, you look like a dragon. I couldn't possibly guess you were born with some dragon in you. That and dragonborn breasts. It caused a flamewar on the official D&D forums. But that is another crazy topic for another crazy time.
Until the looney strikes again,
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  1. i play second life has like a half human half dragon

  2. I see the half dragon is very popular across lots of different mediums.

  3. I....I have to know the stories now....I need that can are dragonborn boobs such a big deal!?