Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Larger than Life (Quotes again)

Welcome to the usual wednesday entertainment. I present to you, once again: My Players! Enjoy their insanity. They certainly do.

Nelven: (( they are talknig about a nelven/steely dan pairing ))
Helena: (( Looney needs to drop a belt of sex switch first ))

Steely Dan: (( I adjust my position for like two seconds and when I come back you're talking about transsexual gnomes ))
Steely Dan: (( why do I miss all the good conversations ))

Steely Dan: (( I has a lollipop ))
Nelven: (( mm, food ))
Blacky: (( I don't want to know what you and Nelven are doing. ))
Helena: (( TMI ))
Clementine: (( XD ))
Steely Dan: (( ... ))
Steely Dan: (( you know, we're both male characters, but both female players ))
Steely Dan: (( so no matter what it's gay ))

Nelven: "Warblade squirrels? Their maker must have been seriously drunk to think of that idea, or insane"

LooneyDM: The acid ball strikes the wall as the squirrel dodges
Steely Dan: WALL! ARE YE OKAY?
LooneyDM as wall: "I'm good, thanks for asking."

Nelven: (( i dont have access tothat kind of magic yet ))
Nelven: (( it would be fun when my magic is truly wild ))
Nelven: (( i turn steely into a girl! ))
Steely Dan: (( nooooo! what would steely do without his kiltsnake? ))

Blacky: (( Hey...there's my rolls from this afternoon too. It must be a bad day to DM. ))

LooneyDM: The squirrlel yips and chatters. It appears to be on its last legs
Nelven: (( last legs! ))
LooneyDM: (( the tail end of life ))
Blacky: (( That's why you should always carry an extra pair of legs. ))
Helena: (( it's busted its last nut ))

Steely Dan: (( hahaha I'm getting the squirrel drunk! ))
Blacky: (( I don't want to hear about your depredations with a drunken squirrel. ))

LooneyDM as ninjasquirrel: "They died honorably in combat. They will go to the great nut in the sky."
Clementine: (( ALL HAIL THE GREAT NUT! ))
Blacky: (( And you made fun of Corbinus for worshiping the darkness. ))

Steely Dan: (( we have a ninja squirrel, we have a ninja squirrel! ))
(And Soaring Acorn was his name-o)

Steely Dan: (( Helena seemed to be in a bad mood today ))
Steely Dan: (( she was all BLAH FIRE WHATEVER ))
Helena: (( YOU SET HER ON FIRE ))

* Blacky waits until the bubble is looking the other way.
LooneyDM: (( it doesn't have eyes ))

Steely Dan: "Ah've been eaten by evr'y bubble we've met"
Helena: So Dan's got small bubbles?
Steely Dan: Ah think Ah'm justified in a wee bit o' caution
Helena: "Piss while you're inside of it. Surely it'll spit you out after that

Steely Dan: (( I don't understand any of this wild magic stuff ))
Blacky: (( That's why its best to kill wild mages. Always kill what you don't understand.))

LooneyDM: (( How's your grapple check ))
Clementine: (( I'm an old woman. I don't grapple, I bitchslap! ))

Steely Dan: (( and now I can't pee in the bubble because clementine is in here too ))

Nelven: (( would be amusing seing Atargatis chargedown the corridaor saying "I'm coming gaiz!" Then runs right into the bubble ))

* Clementine wonders if she releases an acid bubble in here, if it would give the bubble a case of heart burn... or if it might spit us out.
Helena: (( or burn your face ))
Steely Dan: (( isn't that kind of like me peeing in it? ))
Helena: (( so you'd have acidic piss in your face ))
Nelven: (( we're reducedto toilet humor now? ))
Helena: (( I didn't prepare a Flush spell ))
Clementine: (( I was feeling a little crappy tonight anyway. ))
Helena: (( I'm feeling a little drained, myself ))
Helena: (( Acorn takes the plunge! ))

Steely Dan: (( what is this bubble made of ))
Helena: (( HATE, PAIN AND RAGE ))
Clementine: (( and a bit of jello. ))

Helena: (( it's cone of cold'ing his ass hard ))
Steely Dan: (( don't talk about things doing things to my ass hard ))

Helena: (( fuck you and your miracle saves >:x ))
(I save against 80% of the stuff Helena throws at the enemies)

Helena: (( to nuke steely or not to nuke steely ))
Nelven: (( nuke him! he can regenerate ))
Blacky: (( Nuke him...he regenerates. ))

Helena: (( nukenukenukenukenukenukenuke ))
Steely Dan: (( why are you so bent on nuking anyway? they're not burritos ))

LooneyDM: (( you're going to love this. It's go 1 hp left ))
Helena: (( BAH ))
Steely Dan: (( pft ))
LooneyDM: The bugbear barely remains standing
* Steely Dan blows at the bugbear in an attempt to knock him over
* Steely Dan rolls: 1d20 lungs of steel and whiskey breath! => 1

Blacky: (( Do we have the other stuff that dissolves sovereign glue? ))
Steely Dan: (( yeah, Feegle pee ))

Blacky: (( Mmm....acorn squash ))
Clementine: (( squirrel is back on the menu! ))
Steely Dan: (( no one is eating soaring acorn! ))
Steely Dan: (( he is my FRIEND ))
* Steely Dan does the fist-bump of friendship with Soaring Acorn
(awakened squirrel npc, nuff said)

Nelven: (( so what alignment is helena? ))
Helena: (( neutral insane ))

LooneyDM out

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