Friday, April 2, 2010


Transmuting one substance into another. Is there any problem it can't solve? While turning water into orange juice in such quantity as to flood an entire beach front with a wave of OJ isn't my first choice for transmuting, it certainly lets everyone know that the party has started. The poster above demonstrates with a sunlit wave that looks like orange juice. Now if you could mix in some beverages of the alcoholic persuasion, or just turn the whole shebang into an alcoholic beverage you'd be the life of the party. Jesus did it and look where he ended up. ...Okay, not a good example. Though if he had stuck to changing water into wine he could have avoided that whole messy crucifixion death bit. Anyways, let's here your crucifixion stories. No wait. Transmutation stories. I'll ask for the crucifixion stories another time.

LooneyDM out

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