Monday, April 12, 2010

Of fire and Pyromancers

Fire fascinates the human soul. It also burns down small tinderwood cottages as show in today's lesson (poster) on starting fires. The motivations behind a pyromancer are simple and straight forward. Burning fires are pretty, therefore lots of burning fires are even prettier. This only conflicts with the rest of the group if they're adverse to having buildings burnt down around them, peasants randomly being set on fire, and horses being scorched out from under them. Only a totally unreasonable person would fail to see the merit of the aforementioned actions. Or someone with the tiniest shred of self preservation. But this is a game, new characters are only an hour away a most so live dangerously!

Original non-postered picture from GIS for fire.
LooneyDM *sets a character sheet on fire*

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